Dell Wireless WLAN Utility

Dell Wireless WLAN Utility 4.100

A wireless connection manager included with Dell Truemobile Wireless Cards

The Dell WLAN Utility is a wireless connection manager included with Dell Truemobile Wireless Cards, version 5.1 has been completely rewritten to provide a more user friendly interface with wizards to help customers setup a basic wireless connection.
Since its included on Dell wireless card driver, is very easy to install and runs with little intervention from the user. The driver can either be downloaded from or is part of the factory image.
To start the installation, you should download the driver and save it to the desktop or another easily located folder. Once the download is complete double-click on the filename. The file will extract to c:\dell\drivers by default and then begin installation.
It offers same functionalities included on Windows XP / Vista Wireless client plus some enterprise security features and diagnostic tools, however I found it buggy; to be more specific you can face compatibility issues or just unexpected issues, most of them caused by its profile feature , which seems to be rebuild from scratch.
Based on my experience, I would recommend to stay with Windows Wireless client.

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  • Improved user inteface
  • Includes radio switch in case you dont have Dell Quickset installed
  • Included with Dell Wireless card driver


  • It is buggy
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